88GLAM Takes Over The Last Qtr Of 2017

It’s safe to say that after the success of upcoming artists
like PartyNextDoor, Roy Woods and Jazz Cartier that
everyone’s been waiting for Toronto’s next break out artist(s).
Fortunately for hip hop fans there are a multitude of worthy
contenders littered throughout the 6 boroughs of the vibrant
city the world now knows as the 6ix. Two artists in particular,
Derek Wise & 88Camino, have recently made waves with their
collaborative project under The Weeknd’s XO label entitled

The first single off the album is called “12” and is
accompanied with a wavy visual matching the slower more
dramatic track brooding with a heavy bass line. 30 secounds
into the track the listener is already in a trance feeling smoked
out and wavy. The vocals are smooth harmonies auto-tuned
with hard lyrics flexing on ex girls and waste men alike. Also, as
an added bonus unique to this video; The Weeknd cameos and
he is obviously heavily co-signing his new artists and
welcoming Wise and 88Camino into his exclusive XO regime
publically. With that co-sign and prestige it seems like it’s
going to be impossible for the duo to fail.

The second single off the album is called Bali featuring
fellow Canadian artist and XO artist Nav whose stock has been
shooting up since the beginning of 2017. The track is a smooth
head-bobbing anthem that will infectiously live inside your
head after the first play and has garnered almost a million
views since the time of this article. The video has a neon
ambience and follows the two Toronto rappers stunting on
haters and girls alike with Nav spitting one of the best verses
I’ve heard from him yet. The track is definitely a worthy
contender for video of the year from a Canadian artist and was
what I’d call the perfect introduction to the world.
The 13 track tape is riddled with hard hitting trap beats
and gritty lyrics getting at doubters, ex girls and depicting
ignorant levels of stunting. What makes it special is the
signature authentic Toronto sound, curated by The Weekend’s
production team, illustrating the unique pairing of a Toronto
rapper and a Toronto singer (which we have only got glimpses
of in the past via Drake X Weeknd collaborations). With the
seemingly never ending reign of Toronto artists in this post
Drake era, the sky really is the limit for this duo and with the
The Weeknd behind them; who can really guess how far they’ll
take it?

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