Spotlight Artist: DBoy Bennett

I’ll be the first to admit – before writing this article, I hadn’t
even heard of DBoy Bennett before and his vast array of hard hitting bangers floating around
the Canadian market.

However, a quick Google search unveiled a 2016 collaboration with veteran
Canadian rapper Sayzee entitled “Nascar” which immediately grabbed my attention.
At first it was mostly for the reason that Sayzee (formerly Sese) has been a
dominating force in Canadian hip-hop, and an artist that I was already familiar with.
But I digress, this article is about Bennett and the more I learnt about him the more I
understood why it was important for other music fans to familiarize themselves
with him.

Let’s start with the basics. Bennett is a Mississauga based rapper who has
been building a steady online presence both on YouTube and Instagram since 2015.
DBoy isn’t your typical “I record a song on my MacBook then film a video with a
bunch of my blunt-smoking homie’s in front of a graffiti wall and then tag all my
Facebook friends when I drop the video” type of rapper. With previous releases like
Nascar and Gasman; Bennett has proven that he takes his time and creates a
narrative behind his videos and songs that compliment his identity as an artist. If I
were to sum up who he is in one sentence it would be that he’s a young hustler in
Canada who creates boss-like vibes and spreads more and more
positivity with every release.

After further probing I discovered DBoy’s newest release “Bag Full” which
was impressive both visually and sonically. The Mississauga based artist drenched
the bouncy instrumental with melodic catchy bars like “I just got a bad bitch” that
stay with you long after the track ends. Now while bars like “I just got a bad bitch”
aren’t exactly inventive or groundbreaking in hip-hop – the way Bennett delivers his
bars and the cadence behind his vocals are what had me smashing the replay button.

The most impressive part of DBoy is his ability to come across authentically.
In the video “Bag Full”, which showcases luxurious homes, endless bad bitches in
Billy Madison-esque pools and foreign whips he is able to maintain his composure
and look natural amidst the balling setting. Now while these type of lyrics and
visuals are nothing new to rappers, most struggle with being believable and might
as well of tatted “Everything’s Rented” on their forehead. Bennett is able to naturally
maneuver his way through the video while delivering a vibe that any young boss out
getting money can appreciate and derive inspiration from.

All in all, DBoy Bennett is a Toronto artist that definitely belongs in the scene
because of his ability to represent our city in a positive and respectable way while
delivering his own unique style – something that has been alarmingly absent in a
post-Drake Toronto. I’d encourage everyone reading this article to check him out
and support the man if you’re feeling his vibes.

In a scene riddled with Drake carbon copy’s – we deserve to show the World
artists like DBoy Bennett and how much more Toronto has to offer.

Author: Riyad Alli

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