Spotlight Producer: Patrick Carmelo, The Digital Interview

One name if you’re a Canadian hip-hop fan that you’ve been hearing for a while now is Patrick Carmelo, the chef behind some of Toronto’s best bangers. Patrick is more known for his work on Kevin Gates album “Islah” which peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200, and of course went platinum. Patrick, at a young age has the whole world infront of him, and he’s been going back to his routes, working with some of Toronto’s best underground artists. Patrick has songs with Roney, Vanauley Stacks, Puffy L’z, Booggz Robin Banks, Top5, and many more. With his talent only growing, and his new ability to network vastly advancing, Patrick is staying on his P’s & Q’s, dropping insane instrumentals on Youtube.

Patrick has even connected with people outside of just making the music. He’s been working with our blog, BasementWorldWide, and I got the chance to ask him a few questions about himself. Check them out below!

Maccadelic: when did you start making beats?

Patrick Carmelo
: when did i start making beats, well i would say about 3 years ago, i didn’t really take it seriously i just kinda messed around with fl studio once in a while, taking breaks away from it for months when i had some time so i guess it really wasn’t up until like mid/end 2015 when i really started putting the time in before that point i hadn’t taken it in to consideration that it would become a career choice for me at this point in my life which i’m more that grateful for

Maccadelic: any reason why you started making beats?

Patrick Carmelo: really just the love of all types of different music growing up, also playing drums and guitar when i was younger. coming from a family of musicians played a huge part in why i started to create music, also just really got interested in the whole beat making and producing side of things and enjoyed it.

Maccadelic: what are your next plans ?

Patrick Carmelo: big question, lets just say i got a lot planned out, some new stuff with Kevin hopefully because i know i got a few in the vault . i’d like to work with lots of new artists, up and coming as well as main stream artists i have a few things lined up, i’ve just been working, improving and investing in my craft – the world gotta see what i can do.

Maccadelic: other than Gates, who or what was a big break for you?

Patrick Carmelo: other than getting the platinum title, I don’t think its anyone in particular, just working with different people and artists and connecting has helping me become more known – you gotta love the journey to where you want to be you gotta love the process of things and appreciate that. also just connecting with as many people as possible, showing face is key, getting out there to build the relationships is necessary to help you succeed rather than just sending emails to everyone and i’m not talking about just the artists, it’s the people around them that can open those doors for you as well

Maccadelic: what was an early influence for you?

Patrick Carmelo: early influence probably came at a young age listening to like 50 Cent and those guys and listening to Eminem and Dre making the beats back then probably interested me without me even knowing and the production side of things, but as for recent influence it would have to be back when the Chicago drill scene was popping and i was hearing those types of trap beats and started trying to get involved with some of the artists popping at that time which i actually ended up doing by getting my first kind of big song “Calling Me” by P Rico and Oncore a while back.

Maccadelic: your working with Booggz, Banks and even BWA.ron and lots more, who’s next?

Patrick Carmelo: yeah i got a few bangers out with BooggzOut The Country“, “Golden State“, “Zans Or Percs“, “Woke Up In Cuba” etc and a ton more lined up with him, as for Robin Banks we will most definitely be getting some hits out its about to be a takeover with him if you haven’t heard any of his tracks go do that right now . Yes me and BWA got some videos out on world star and some more songs coming out, shouts out to him holding it down for BWA at the moment #FREEKEVINGATES!

i’m going to try and branch out as much as i can but i’d definitely like to get on another platinum album or get some big singles out and really be working with everyone I can !

Maccadelic: Any last words?

Patrick Carmelo: just really wanna shout out anyone who is rocking with me and supporting to me and also to the people who know what i really got to show, takes time to get to where you wanna be and i know what i have to do and i’ve been putting in that work!

Patrick is undoubtedly one of the best producers in Canada, and he’s ready to take over! Make sure you follow Patrick, and if you’re a rising artists needing some crazy beats, hit him up!

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