The Age Of The VideoGrapher

Artists are working, and as visuals become so important in today’s society and how your display your image, it’s been so key for artists to grab a rising camera man and hold onto his skills, igniting a chemistry that is uncanny, leading up to a body of work. There are many videographers who made their names working with some of the games biggest stars like, Azae Productions, Director X, Laka Films, and the new young gunner Cole Bennett. All of these guys helped their artists reach the next level of success, and helped their own brand in the process, bringing in millions of views, building a media empire. As more hits came, more artists were trying to work with these hot video men, as it would help their career.

In Canada, we are seeing the same trend sweep across Toronto, and the rest of Ontario. There are a few cinematography teams that are exceptional, and are shooting for all the underground stars in Toronto. Three of these exceptional talents are Charlton Visuals, Fatty Soprano and MWorks. All three have built a crazy following, and their videos are speaking for themselves, as the quality is top notch, and sensational.

Charlton Visuals has his own style, and loves to use panning, and his signature earth-quake camera roll. He’s shot for Yung Tory, Fame Holiday, Supreme Swiss, Monte Biggz, and many more. His style is evolving, as his latest video “Ric Flair“, was one to take in, as he had some crazy shots. Charlton started off shooting skate videos, and eventually found his love in the hip-hop world. Charlton is on the rise, and his work is crazy.

Fatty Soprano is an insane visionary, who perfects the skill of bringing artists visions to life. Recently shooting Peter Jackson and Riff Raff‘s “Prom Night” video, Fatty is always working. Fatty is scheduled to work with BSMNT for the first time on June 10th, as we are shooting the first of many BSMNT cypher videos. The cypher is featuring four absolute young gunners with JO Mairs, Monte Biggz, Supreme Swiss, and Speng Squire, and will be a hot hip-hop work of art. Fatty is a master at making “mini-movies”, as his style is very cinematic and captures images very well. He also has the assistance from his side-kick and partner Shutterr, and the two make magic.

MWorks is a videographer who works with the savages in Toronto. MWorks created a great following making underground music videos for the 365, Robin Banks, Casper TNG, and many more. MWorks recently released a Toronto Documentary titled “The Retour” and the documentary featured some of Toronto’s hottest rising stars. MWorks has been around the Toronto scene for a while, and his work has helped a lot of guys reach the next level. MWorks is one of the hardest working guys in the game, and he isn’t stopping anytime soon.

As creative’s are standing out in 2017, it’s not always about the artist. The artist makes the music, but all the guys around the music is what puts it together, and it wouldn’t happen without these exceptional videographers working daily to help push culture forward, and I thank you for that.

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