The Crooked Letter Scheme Interview

Scarborough’s musical range goes as far as into Pickering, and right into the downtown core, drawing incredible talent from all areas. Crooked Letter Scheme is one of other artists that has been working on his craft, and has developed into a unique artists that is drawing some attention here in Canada. Crooked is still young, and learning, but his talent is phenomenal, and he’s steady dropping bangers for the streets. Our BSMNT team has been hearing about Scheme for quite a while now, and had to find out a little more about who he is as a person, an artists and how he’s going to explode into the rap scene. Check out the interview below.

Maccadelic: You’ve been making some serious noise in the Canadian scene for a minute now, so for those who don’t know, who is Crooked Letter Scheme?

Crooked Letter Scheme: without a doubt one of the top 5 best rappers in Scarborough. Some may know me from my early A2H days. N some may know me through BCB either way they know what I’m capable of lyrically.

Maccadelic: What area of the GTA are you from?

Crooked Letter Scheme: I’m from a small neighbourhood in Scarborough off of Lawrence Avenue East. Thats where we also formed “OTB“. Pretty much been in Scarborough all my life and back and forth to Rexdale (Tandridge) as a young teen which is also where I started rapping

Maccadelic: To me, your music is seasoned and tough, how long has it taken for you to develop this sound?

Crooked Letter Scheme: To be real lol, I never found my sound till maybe last year. Earliest would be 2015. The way I rap now I feel that’s what I’ve been missing all these years as far as flow, melody and voice goes. Before then I guess you can say I was experimenting trying to find new waves etc and eventually I found what best suited me.

Maccadelic: What was it like growing up for Crooked Letter Scheme?

Crooked Letter Scheme: Growing up was the typical hood life. I spent a lot of time outside runnin’ around with guys older than me which I feel matured me at a young age. Its also with them that I experienced a lot whether it be negative or positive. Learned a lot of things about life as a young boy and a lot of that applies to my life now. Been through many trials and tribulations, happy to be progressing with the music after all these years.

Maccadelic: Now your part of the OTB (Only Talkin Bankrolls) crew? Who’s all apart of that, other than Goodz who we’ve worked with?

Crooked Letter Scheme:Well basically OTB was originally “Only The Brae” which is the area me and goodz are from. Back in the day. The circle of guys I hung with came up with the name and we ran with it. Years later the younger guys such as goodz etc, pretty much became apart of it as well. And the name ended up being switched for marketing purposes etc. So OTB is pretty much people from our area. Me and goodz are just the only artists.

Maccadelic: What’s your opinion on the Canadian scene right now?

Crooked Letter Scheme: I love the canadian scene right now I’m very supportive of my city not one to hate on another man reppin’ just like me. I feel like the doors are opening up as far as Toronto goes and it is a good look.

Maccadelic: Who’s Crooked Letter Scheme bumping right now?

Crooked Letter Scheme: I listen to a lot. My fav rappers are Eminem and Lloyd Banks but as far as who I’m bumpin right now not too many ppl tbh. I’m kinda out of the loop a little bit lol, I like what the UK rappers are doing though no doubt. And I bump almost everyone in my city. If it’s hot. I like it. Period.

Maccadelic: I see you and Goodz got track #20 on GangisKhan‘s new tape, what was it like working with him?

Crooked Letter Scheme: I’ve known Camo for quite some time now and also recorded with him twice before on a old song we did and the “we in the hood remix“. So I mean it’s nothing new really. I just went to the studio and laid my verse lol. He’s a cool guy.

Maccadelic: I heard you have a song coming out with Monte Biggz, can you speak on this track and what we can expect? And what was it like working with Monte?

Crooked Letter Scheme:
Yea we got a song coming out soon, it’s pretty dope. You can expect nothing less than fire. Never got to meet him yet though.

Maccadelic: “Back Up” is one of my favourites by you, what was the process behind that song, and do you work with QUIETPACK often?

Crooked Letter Scheme:
Well pretty much I just found the beat and began writing. Usually tracks like that hit me off the bat and I can easily write down a hook and a verse. Then usually come back later and complete the rest of the song. And I do have a few quietpvck songs we spoke a few times. Hopefully we can start working on official shit together.

Maccadelic: Limitless Visual Productions seems to really get your vision and execute some dope videos, how do you guys create these concepts and ideas and bring them to life?

Crooked Letter Scheme:
When it comes to the videos with limitless i’ll give a few ideas if theres any that i have and we work with it. Aside from that i leave it in his hands to make my videos come out as dope as possible. S/O to him.

Maccadelic: Is there anyone else you’d like to work with?

Crooked Letter Scheme:Yes most def as far as my city goes I want another sha hustle collab and I also want to work on a gilla collab aside from that I’d say donnie, tre mission, wondagurl, murdabeatz, PartyNextDoor and drake lol.

Maccadelic: And finally, what can we expect next from Crooked Letter Scheme?

Crooked Letter Scheme:
Everyone can expect videos thats forshore. I want to drop a good amount and build the buzz up before I release any albums or mixtapes that way when I do everyones gonna be tuned in. I got the gameplan in order so I’m just bringing it to life.

Crooked Letter Scheme is one of Canada’s most slept on artists who can really break out. His music is crazy dope, and he makes insane bangers for the streets. Make sure you check out his social media by hitting the links below!

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