The MWorks Interview

As we all know, partnering with a video man in this new rap game is so important, and Toronto has it’s crop of stand-out videographers making waves in the city. MWWorks is one of those visionaries doing his thing in the Toronto streets, and has amassed quite the following online. His views regularly do thousands of views, and his buzz is continuing to go up. MWorks is one of the hottest cameramen in the city, and his work speaks for itself. I got the pleasure of talking with MWorks, and asking his some questions you might enjoy. Check it out below!

Maccadelic: Lets start at the beginning, who are you?

MWorks: I am M Works, The “M” stands for my name and the “Works” is the production. My friend CK is also part of the team, he helped produce on my doucmentary “The Retour

Maccadelic: Where are you from? Born and Raised?

MWorks: I was born in Toronto but raised in Mississauga.

Maccadelic: How big of an impact does the location of these artists have to do with their success?

MWorks: .The location often plays a big factor for artists especially in the “street/underground” scene. Some neighbourhoods will generate more attention because of the areas reputation. At the end of the day the music is what drives the artists success but their background does help during the early stages of their careers.

Maccadelic: You familiar with the nature vs nurture debate? What;s your take on it?

MWorks: In my opinion both play a significant role in ones upbringing. There are people born everyday to positions of plight and hardships which they have no control over, your nurture definitely plays a huge influence in that case. I believe if you learn the power of the human mind you can overcome any obstacle life (nature) throws at you.

Maccadelic: When did you first start shooting music videos?

MWorks: I first started shooting music videos in 2012, I didnt have my own equipment so I was either renting or borrowing my friends. In 2013 I started M Works and finally got my own camera.

Mario Grinds x Robin Banks – The Plug (CUT BY M WORKS)

Maccadelic: How much can you stress how important it is to build bridges and make string relationships in this game?

MWorks: Building relationships and rapports in the industry is incredibly important especially in this digital age where everyone is connected through social media. There have been countless times where I have seen opportunities that were only possible through people I met by reaching out. In my opinion your connections and networking skills are just as important as your filming/editing skills. If there is someone in particular you would like to network with dont give up after the first failed attempt, be persistent.

Maccadelic: Who was the easiest artist to work with?

MWorks: I’ve had the pleasure of working with alot of great artists, some who I consider close friends. I dont have a number 1 pick for who was the easiest to work with but I generally gravitate towards people that grant me creative freedom when I am working. I dont care how big you are, if you are humble and down to earth I rock with you.

Maccadelic: Who’re you interested in working with next?

MWorks: I want to work with Tory Lanez, that would be dope. Goldlink, 24hrs, Syd The Kyd, Dom Kennedy, Majid Jordan just to name a few.

Maccadelic: What would you say was your big break so far in the music scene?

MWorks: Either Wass Gang or “Wiggins” by Mo-g was my big break.

Maccadelic: How do you expand and not get trapped in a box here in Toronto/Canada?

MWorks: I guess the only way to avoid getting trapped in a box is to leave the box, in this case leave Toronto/Canada. In the last few years we have seen a spew of artists from the city that have grown their fanbase far outside of Canada thanks to the wonders of the internet. Be original, continue to make great music and focus on the bigger picture rather than being the “hottest” in the city.

Maccadelic: “The Retour“, great idea to shine light on all sides of the city. How did that come about? And talk about the process.

MWorks: The Retour was an idea I had a few years back but didnt come into fruition until 2016. It was heavily inspired by the classic DVD “The Real Toronto.” I was with my partner CK hanging one night and we got really indepth into the idea of recreating The Real Toronto, at the end of the night I said lets do it.
The documentary took a whole year to film and edit, there were a few artists that we had to remove from the final product due to politics and stuff like that. It was a very lengthly process and alot of hard work went into creating it all. Nevertheless im very happy with the outcome.

Maccadelic: Who are some of your main inspirations when shooting videos? And who has influenced you the most?

MWorks: Most of my favorite directors that have influenced me the most are from Toronto. Im a big fan of KidStudio, Zac Facts aswell as many local directors in my class like JoeGunner/88Films, Rodizilla. Ive had the pleasure of meeting alot of talented creatives in the city.

Maccadelic: What’s MWorks bumping right now?

MWorks: Im always bumping new artists but recently Ive been listening to alot of “Aftertheparty” this dope RnB artists. I bump alot of Goldlink, 24hrs, The Internet. (Yes that is the groups name) Really im open to all genres, Jamiroquai is probably my all-time favorite singer and hes a Jazz-Funk artist from the 90s.

Maccadelic: And finally, what;s next for MWorks? Any info you’re willing to release?

MWorks: Ive been working on a few documentaries which will be announced later on this year, one of them includes The Retour 2. I have some other tricks up my sleeve which I cant reveal just yet 😉

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