The Romeyo Wilson Interview

As we work daily, almost 24/7, searching and seeking the next star to blow up, we’ve stumbled upon a crop of phenomenal young talents waiting to explode into the music scene. One man who caught our eye with his smooth voice, and complex heart felt tracks is Brampton’s songbird Romeyo Wilson. Romeyo is part of the rising OSOT movement coming out of Brampton, Ontario, and he’s one of the men leading the way. I had the pleasure of catching up with Romeyo, and I got to dissect him a little bit, and ask what’s next. Check out the Q&A below, and make sure to comment and share!

Macadelic: Who are you, for those unfortunate enough to not know already?

Romeyo Wilson: I’m just a young boy from Brampton that makes dope music, and my name is Romeyo Wilson.

Macadelic: Where are you from Romeyo? Where were you born and raised?

Romeyo Wilson: I was born in Toronto then I moved to Brampton in 2007 so I always represent Brampton.

Macadelic: Your sound is very unique in itself, who are your main inspirations in music, and who would you say you look to as your main influence?

Romeyo Wilson: My main inspiration comes from however I feel in that particular moment. I would say my dad is someone I look to as my main influence because he’s also out here pursuing his dreams as well.

Macadelic: Your crew OSOT is on the rise steadily, how did that originate?

Romeyo Wilson: It’s a brotherhood that just grew into something bigger. Me and my boys are from different parts of the GTA so we decided to call ourselves OSOT which stands for ‘Other Side of Toronto’.

Macadelic: Respeck is one of my favourite songs from you guys, how was the recording process like when you guys all smashed that joint?

Romeyo Wilson: It was a track that I made for fun with Monte. I showed the rest of the guys and they thought it was fire and everybody put verses on it. We wanted to do a music video to put the visuals to life. It was history from there.

Macadelic: You can make feel good tracks, club bangers, and trappy dark R&B mixes, where do you get your versatility, and what skill do you want to add next to your repertoire?

Romeyo Wilson: My versatility is just me. It’s something I can’t explain. I just add my sauce to it and it sounds wavy af which makes it a Romeyo Wilson song. A skill I want to add is choreographer to enhance the entertainment aspect in my videos.

Macadelic: Word on the streets is your next to get signed, will you sign a major label deal if it’s right, or stay independent like a lot of the newer artists are doing?

Romeyo Wilson: It depends, if the money is right, the money is right but, if not then I got to do what I got to do. I have no problem being independent.

What’s your status on Toronto’s rap scene? Anyone you’re rockin with heavy?

Romeyo Wilson: I think it’s dope I like what’s coming out of Toronto. I’m always listening to new artists whenever I have the time. I rock with Fame Holiday, Monte Biggz, Tory Lanez, Twy and Jimmy Prime.

Macadelic: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Romeyo Wilson:
In 5 years I should have completed everything I wanted to do in music which is: WINNING a Grammy, doing features with all the artists I have ever wanted to work with and, putting light to the city where I’m from. Most importantly I want to be taking care of my family. I also have entrepreneur plans like starting my own directing company.

Macadelic: And finally, what’s next for Romeyo Wilson? Any big plans or info you wanna share for the fans?

Romeyo Wilson: Just wait on it there’s a lot of stuff coming, some different things that I’ve never done before.

That concludes our Q&A. I want to thank Romeyo for taking the time to catch up with me, as he’s a real genuine dude. Make sure to follow Romeyo by hitting the links provided below, and check out his new single “Westside“, and the popular OSOT assisted banger “Respeck”.

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