The TorontoWave123 Digital Interview

If you’re a Toronto hip-hop fan, then by now you must’ve heard of TorontoWave123 on Instagram. He’s a young visionary with one goal in mind, to help others. TorontoWave, much like myself, is building a platform for young artists to shine, and get views, potentially helping progress their career in a positive way. Then again, you may have seen some street shenanigans posted by the man, but then again, he’s just showing you what’s really going on in the streets. TorontoWave stays loyal to his artists, and has many connections in the city. His ear is solid, and his willingness to take risks is tremendous. I had the pleasure of catching up with TorontoWave after getting to know him a little, and he’s actually a really cool guy. I got to ask him about his page that’s on the rise, and what he may venture off into next, you’ll have to read below to find out!

Macadelic: TorontoWave123 welcome, for those who don’t know your page, give us a brief summary from you of what your doing.

Just a young king from Rexdale, ONT doing his thing. My page all about the good people in Toronto that need help getting noticed, and get credit for their work. I’m all about positivity and respect if I feel like you are negative I don’t answer my Dm at all. This was all for fun, until people started paying me which helped me out and also others that are in need of food. I donate some money towards food and hand out to the people sleeping on Toronto Streets. Some artists don’t have money to send, but have songs out that’s okay, as I try blessing as much as I can.

Macadelic: How old are you?

TorontoWave123: I Am 23 Years Old

Macadelic: Did you always wanna be a blogger/social media guy? If so, what got you into it?

TorontoWave123: Well honestly at first it was all for fun, and no I didn’t get the idea from the so called “WaveRoomTv” or whatever, because that’s all negativity and I’m not about that. Yes, I post videos of fights but if you look at the captions its all about ‘Arms up And Guns’ down a movement, therefore trying to start to stop the violence in the Toronto streets.

Macadelic: Was there someone in particular who pushed you to start this page and start showing what really goes on in the Toronto streets?

TorontoWave123: No I’m self made I didn’t get no help at all it was all me. I’m from the hood myself that’s how I know what goes on and also know people that always tell me the gossip in the sheets. Some hate to see me shine, but it’s all good I’m stay winning 🙏🏽

Macadelic: Which artists in Toronto do you think can really break through into mainstream stardom?

TorontoWave123: Honestly Pyrex, Casper, Yung Dubz (RIP), Vanauley Stackz, Pressa, Robin, and much more that I can’t name off the top of my head.

Macadelic: Are you ever nervous that your page can stir the pot between rappers?

TorontoWave123: Yes sometimes I see the politics on the comments below the videos/pic but I delete them or delete the video or pic because like I said, I’m about positivity and love life’s too short to hate on others yuhhh dig. 💯

Macadelic: Do you think everyone in Toronto has to take the Atlanta approach and help eachother out and squash the politics to make Toronto considered a mecca for new hiphop?

TorontoWave123: YES! I hope everyone squashes their beefs in the future, I would love to see many artists on a track together. I swear every song would be a banger if there was no politics!

Macadelic: Do you think artists trap themselves from breaking out by only choosing to work with local artists?

TorontoWave123: No not really, they choose to do that.

Macadelic: Where do you think Toronto hiphop will be in 5 years? And who will be the ones leading the pack?

TorontoWave123: It’s going to be great as always the six god Drake and the whole Ovo Family is going to lead the pack in Toronto like always!

Macadelic: I noticed you keep it mostly street, will you start shining light on some more pop and R&B artists in Canada?

TorontoWave123: Yes all music is accepted. My fans always make fun of each other, but at the end of the day they watch the post and give the video views. I do shine light on most music.

Macadelic: Do you want to eventually show yourself and market yourself as Akademiks did?

TorontoWave123: YES hopefully someone or a company notices me and my talent to advertise and I can make real money and help out everyone as much as I can !! Im going to reveal myself when the times right, and I ain’t afraid to show myself. I didn’t do anything wrong to anyone, Also the real bosses already know me in real life.

Macadelic: How did you hear about our blog BSMNTworldwide? And what do you like about what were doing as a whole?

TorontoWave123: I heard through a young boss, He told me about BSMNTwordwide ! I always show love to them they are such great people I love how they do the same things like me like shine the light on other artists. Keep up the good work !! I hope they go viral. Positive vibes is what I like.

Macadelic: Which were the first few artists to really fuck with you and give you shine?

TorontoWave123: Shoutout Vanauley Stackz man he’s one The the first to fuck with me he guided me too he a real one. I listen to his pitches and it’s all boss moves I respect him and his movement Yuh Digg lol, Also Yung Tory, Hypa, Puffy lz, Top5, Pressa and a lot more!! They all view my page and I rate it !

Macadelic: And Finally, What’s next for TorontoWave123 To Post?

TorontoWave123: Expanding to higher levels in life and my mission is to get my page noticed by everyone in Toronto! Thank You! Only One Way 📈 – Torontowave

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