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While I was born and raised in the GTA (first Scarborough, now Pickering), my roots are planted deep in the East because all of my family comes from Newfoundland.  Being so closely tied to the East Coast, I always keep an eye out for artists representing it.  One of my favourite artists putting the East Coast on their back is the suave Scotian star, Twy.  With multiple hits accompanied by top notch visuals, Twy has built a buzz for himself and continues to rise.  Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with Twy and ask him a few questions to get to know the rising star a little better. Check out the quick digital interview for yourself by scrolling down.

BW: I understand you are from Nova Scotia / have Scotian roots; how has the east coast influenced you as both an artist and a person?

Twy: Made me a strong person, because it’s literally us against the world. I always hear people say “you can’t make it out of (NovaScotia…” that’s my motivation, every day I beat the odds, my roots define me. As for my music, growing up in a Scotian house, all we would do is listen to music, Gospel, Hip Hop, R&B even country… so all of that helped mold my sound.

BW: Being a representative of the east coast, do you rock with the brand East Coast Lifestyle at all?

Twy: Yea I know Alex (MacLean), he’s a great guy with excellent vision, s/o ECL (East Coast Lifestyle) they always have my support! They also just collaborated with a dope upcoming Nova Scotian brand “Family Over Fame” the future is bright for them.

BW: “Live Gang” – what is it and who’s a part of it? Is it strictly rapping, or are you involved in other aspects of the industry?

Twy: Live gang… it’s a lifestyle, it’s a movement, a family thing. Some of the artist on the team are Jetlyse, Deono, Psyc Tha Prince, Don Papi, Veli… we do more than just rap/sing. My cousin Jor’del Downz aka The Visionary is one of the most talented people in this industry, he produces most of our work… he’s also blind

BW: Has Toronto played a role in molding you and your sound? How so?

Twy: Of course, I grow up here, Toronto gave me a platform to showcase my talent, I’m Scotian but I’m a Toronto Scotian, we have our own history in this city so I put that in too the music.

BW: Who do you bump when you’re riding round day to day? Is there any Canadian talent on the playlist?

Twy: Tee Grizzley, 21 Savage and Migos, as for Canadian artist I’m rocking with Robin Banks, Mr. ComfortableTjin & Maje.

BW: I noticed you’ve worked with the GTA based director Charlton Visuals a few times, most recently on the “Arcade” visual; what’s it like working with the rising visionary?

Twy: It’s great. That’s my brother, we both have creative minds so it’s exciting when we link up and bring the vision to life.

BW: How did you hear about us here at BSMNT Worldwide?

Twy: You actually interviewed my cousins Fame Holiday & Romeyo Wilson, once I seen that, I gave you a follow on Instagram

BW: Shouts out to them and the whole OSOT team, they’ve shown nothing but love since day 1.  Are the any other creatives out of Canada you’d like to work with that you have yet to?

Twy: I’m open to anything, there’s a lot of talent in Canada

BW: Who would you count among influential figures in your life when it comes to music?

Twy: My grandmother, my Uncle Tijoe, Michael Jackson, Suga Free, and Snoop Dogg.

BW: What is it you want out of music?

Twy: A lil bit of everything but most importantly putting Nova Scotia on the map… we are building the foundation as we speak.

BW: What’s the plan for the future? Is making music the only motive, or do you plan a branching out into the business side of things?

Twy: Acting, Screen Writing… I’m working on a mini series titled “902” so be on the lookout for that.

BW: We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for that.  Do you have anything in the works for the fans? Any summer bangers being prepped?

Twy: Yeah I’m always working; you can expect a summer project from me “WATER INTO WINE“.

Now that those of you who may not have known of Twy prior to reading this have got to know him a little bit, be sure to go check out his work and give him a follow on Instagram to stay up to date with the rising star.  We’ve posted some of his newest work down below,  so make sure you check it out.

Author: Bruce Wall

IG & Twitter: @bsmntwall


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